Coastal Beach Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Creating a stylish bathroom is as easy as choosing the right accessories. Bathrooms and shower rooms are best left simple with neutral floors and white walls.

That way when you get tired of the look it is not expensive to do a makeover because you can just start by selecting a new shower curtain and then accessorize in matching or coordinating separates such as bath mats, toothbrush holders, shower curtain hooks and more.

If you choose a focal point carefully, you can create a huge amount of style even in a small bathroom design. A shower curtain makes a great focal point and can be extremely stylish and unique.

By simply adding a touch of your own personality to your small bathroom design you will be creating your own stylish bathroom shower design through your choice of colour. You can opt for a plain white shower curtain to keep things black or classic and white for even more classic style, add in a touch of red for something a little bit different.

By choosing your favourite colour you add your own style whether that be red, purple, pink, blue, polka or yellow dot. To really create a stylish bathroom you could choose a theme.

If you have a coastal or beach property, maybe your bathroom design would suit a light or nautical house theme particularly. What about your favourite animal, try a horse, frog or dragonfly shower curtain.

The best aspect of choosing a theme is that it will look fabulous whether your bathroom is large or small. You can co-ordinate all your accessories instantly by purchasing a whole set already matched or gradually build up accessories as you discover them.

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