Minimalist Platform Bed Design Ideas

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Platform beds have become the choice for the individual that demands style and versatility for their bedroom. The concept of a wood or metal structure that is raised from the floor by legs or framing is simple and functional.

The variety has increased so that one may choose from a traditional design or create a modern, minimalist atmosphere with contemporary design elements.

Platform beds of today are constructed to accommodate current mattresses without the need of a box spring. One may choose to utilize a box spring if they desire.

The metal and wood bed frames are designed to integrate with a variety of bedroom sets and modern foam, latex and inner spring mattresses.

The primary advantage of platform bed frames is the design simplicity. The traditional Japanese bed consisted of tatami mats made of straw with fabric linens and blankets placed on the mats.

This notion of comfort, simplicity and the prudent use of space allowed for sleeping at night and to make use of the space for other activities during the day. Modern design styles with fresh lines and natural dimensions create an atmosphere of sophistication and spaciousness.

This simplicity coordinates with a variety of bedroom sets and mattresses in order to satisfy any discerning furniture design preference and create a modern, complete appearance.

The various design styles provide sophistication and versatility to any bedroom. Traditional platform beds utilize existing mattresses, may incorporate motifs and include a headboard, footboard or neither.

One may choose bed frames that provide drawers for storage underneath to maximize space utilization. This traditional design style reflects many of the established American styles and incorporates the simplistic sophistication of the platform bed design to create an elegant area for reflection and rejuvenation.

The modern and contemporary designs exhibit these characteristics and offer the versatility described above, however they provide a present sense of style and uniqueness.

The modern and contemporary styles have European and Asian design elements incorporated into their overall presence.

This popularity and versatility has created a demand for coordinating bedroom furniture collections. These bedroom sets include bed frames, night stands, dressers, chest of drawers and mirrors to compliment your existing bedroom furniture.

The variety in finishes from white to cappuccino provides alternatives for every preference. The bedroom sets have the same finish, fresh lines and dimensions as the platform beds.

When deciding which platform bed or bedroom set that compliments you and your lifestyle remember that you are creating your own area of leisure and healing, making your bedroom an oasis of renewal.

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